Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 - Mirth

Two for Mirth
Micron Pens and Watercolors
on Illustration board.
2.5 x 3.5 in

Ever seen good ol' Slendy laugh? It's a really intersting thing to see. You think he's seizing and dying and stuff, Then you take time and feel at him and feel the amusement and joy. Yeah. It's interesting, different. Even paranormal abombinations can laugh, even if you can't hear it. What do you think it's like to be them? I mean to just wander through the forests and stuff. To hunt, be free, have no sense of must dos and have tos. I'd love to take up hunting. I hear the food's fresher that way and tastier.

Did you know crows hunt? Well they try. maybe. I don't know. Yeah, just disregard that. It's stupid. Two crows apparently equal Mirth. Or so says Branwen's little poem that's been following her around. It's a pretty poem. I don't understand why I haven't heard it before. Ever heard a crow laugh? They can you know. And they know when people are amused. So they'll "kaw ka kaw" with them. I like crows. :3

Anyways in other news. We went to a fun little thing lastnight. Brennon pulled me to the car and forced me to sit there. He told me it was bad to pick the frogs up and eat them. It was hungry :( Slendy was there with us, but he stayed in the woods. I really wanted to go into the woods with him. Ever been in the woods at night? They're full of life believe it or not. The froggies we saw crossing the road lastnight are a perfect example. They didn't taste very good though. I thought they'd taste like Sashimi. They didn't.

I think I might get to go out today. I'm not sure. Taben's going to be going out with his mom or something. I want to go to! I'll see if I can. If not I'll go to the park. Brennon keeps telling me to go to sleep. I'm not tiered. I don't wanna :(

Yay! Slendy said we could go to the park! I'm gonna go now! Buh-byes!



  1. picked them up and ate them?! Aiden. What the hell.

    When did that ever seem like a good idea?

    ~ Branwen

  2. When my tummy started grumbling?