Monday, March 21, 2011


Have I ever told you all how much I hate the hospital? Well. I do. Like something fierce. Brennon forced me to go today. So I got checked out. When it was explained I was kidnapped I had to file a police report and all kind of bullshit. Something about having to follow procedure or some shit. I don't give a fucl.

I'm happy to be out of there. though I've takn off most the bandages. The ones all overm y back bothered the fuck out of me. My whole back's been hurting. So I've been sitting and just working on class work that I've missed and art. I've not felt so creative in so long.

So, do you all remember this post? Yeah old news I know. Well, I'm starting in on that whole thing. I've got the first 0-10 sketchesd out. 0 is finished. I'll post them as I finish them and stuff. So yeah here's the first one

0- Introduction

I introduce you all to Slender Man (He's alright with being called Slendy for short [I think I just got glared at for saying that])

Micron Pens and Watercolors

On 2.5 x 3.5

Illustration board.

No I'm not dead. I'll be silent and posting less. I need time to heal and shit. This is a lot of shit to take in and get over. Brennon says we're going to do something this weekend. He's thowing a party. I guess we'll see how far that goes. They'll be wanting him back at work before long.

Anyways, I'm out. I have art to do. I'll post these things as I finish them. At least I've got inspiration to draw back?


  1. The other four totally agree with the party. Casey, Sammi, and Skyler want to meet you guys.

    You get better now, 'kay? <3

    And stay away from any creepers you might see.

    ~ Branwen

  2. We look forward to meeting them as well.

    I'll do my best at getting better, just a matter of healing.

    And you say stay away from creepers.... Brennon's made me stay around Slendy or Ry or Taben any time he's been out.... I mean look at the three of them. They're all creepers in their own right.... right?