Saturday, March 26, 2011

My good deed for.. like forever.

So remember that run in I had with the Dark One this morning? Yeah, I had hoped to see him cause.. well I had plans. I wanted this to be a completely surprise for Branwen so. Yeah. Here's how this morning went.

Me: I step outside close the door behind me and  move to the side where I can't be seen/heard by anyone inside. "We'll talk over here if you don't mind."

It: Follows me seemingly reluctantly but does so. "I want the hatchling."

Me: "How about... no? He's in my house under my protection right now. Keep your grubby jagged tendrils off of him. Oh and keep in mind if you ignore my wishes Slendy *will* be after you, as I, in turn am under His protection." I don't know how I managed to keep so calm and collected through this but I did. It's amazing really.

It: He just stared at me his tendrils creaking and waving behind him wildly. I could feel he was really fucking pissed at me. "I will get him."

Me: "Maybe but if you want to keep me as one of your kind who wishes to learn and obey you'll listen and leave him alone."

It: Takes a step towards me "I should kill you for your insolence."

Slendy: He appears and crosses his arms. "You do that and I may have to kill you. My pup will receive no harm while in my protection, from you or no one. And anyone under his protection will be safe from you as well. And thus safe from me.  He may prove helpful in training. The Hatchling is young, ambitious, impatient. Aiden is aged, and wise and willing. I think the two of them will benefit from each other nicely."

It: His tentacles are flailing, he seems to be considering his options looking towards the house, towards Slendy and towards me.

Me: "Oh while I have you both here. I need someone that can help me out. I need my own proxy."

It: Oh man he's really pissed now. I just hear the creaking of his tentacles as they whip around in a blur. "You're too young! You're inexperienced! You have not even found your tendrils yet.You will have to learn to make your own.

Me: "I'll learn. I'm sure Yggy will help teach me. He knows how to use his, and he knows how to teleport. Why not just give me Rat. He's avoiding the other two anyways unless he's beating up Fox. He'll be even further away if he's up here reeking havoc."

It: "NO!" Even Slendy jumped at this it was so loud and screeching. I think I piddled a bit even.

Slendy: "Then let him have Fox. You complain about that one as it is."

It: "NO!" Again with the screech. Slendy was prepared I still jumped. probably piddled a bit more even.

Me: "I could just... you know... let Yggy go or something.  I can turn him over to a Redlight and get him protected from your. Have his mind washed. Have him be a normal kid again. Let him live the-" I'm cut off at this point. I've being lifted up off the ground I feel a tentacle around my neck and I'm in excruciating pain. I don't know what's going on. I just know the pain. I suddenly hit the ground pretty hard and I see Slendy bent over It. He doesn't look happy in the slightest.

Slendy: Menacingly as he glares at It. "I think it can be arranged.... Aiden." He looked at me. "You will have Fox. I think this can be your first learning experience. Do *not* make me regret it."

Me: I nodded  "Very well." I pause and look at them like they're about to go at each other's throat. "Well... I'll be on my way. Oh and.. can I like have it so that you know, my house is a safe haven? You both can come and go as you please, but no one can be harmed, or driven mad within my property.

It: "Most certainly NOT! How can you even-" It's cut off by Slendy.

Slendy: "Yes, that is fair. In turn though you will have to tend to Kelly and make sure that he does not act up and will do as I had told him before. You both have a lot to learn."

Me: "Right... well.. thanks Da. I really need to get in. It's cold. Company's coming and all. I'll see ya around.. and stuff."

And at that point I came into the house and made the post locking everyone out cause they wanted to know what had happened. Well.. now you all know.

And that's how we got Fox onto our side. I'm going to have to take him aside and have a long chat with him later. The way he appeared was quite amusing and well Bran was scared then she learned why he was there and then he was pissed and.. well you saw her post.

Hopefully in time people will learnt to give him the trust he deserves. I understand the hesitation but well my understanding is that they know who they take orders from. At least I think that's how it works.

Either way I'm happy. Most everyone else is happy and the pizza we ordered just got here so yeah there's lots of happies to have! If Bran wants to I'll give her Brennon's laptop and she can tell the whole harrowing tale of how we met up with Fox at the creepy park. :3


  1. Augh...later, mate. that we have all of these advantages...we need to think about what we can do with them.

    Later though. I'm going to stuff my face with pizza now and try to feed Fox cookies because for whatever reason he doesn't know what those are.

    Poor guy. Cookie-less.

    ~ Branwen

  2. You don't think I've not started considering these things already?

    You know what you could do is just come move in with me and you'd all be safe forever! :3

    And cookieless is a horrible horrible thing. We will make more cookies.

    After stuffing our faces with delicious pizza. Maybe you can talk Fox into actually eating some too. Sad when he listen to you better than me?

  3. My tactic of simply shoving food into his face has produced nothing. D:

    ~ Branwen

    No. That's just annoying. I can't believe that works for your other friends.

    ~ Fox

  4. You're so uptight... Relax, eat, drink. be merry. and be Bros with Seth. It'll all be good.

    Maybe we should send the boys downstairs to play with the video games. And have fun. And while there' here we strap Fox up and force feed him.

    Or... I could just.. order him to eat. Technically he has to listen to me and take orders from me. I'd rather it be, you know more voluntary though?

    We should all be bros.

  5. Video games...?

    ~ Fox

    WHAT. WHATWHATWHAT. That's it. Go downstairs. Get out of the box you're living in and play Halo with us. Don't worry about sucking at it.

    I'm hilariously awful at that game. :D

    ~ Branwen

    I'm entirely amused we're having this conversation here rather than talking.

    ~ Fox


    ~ Branwen

  6. Wait we have to put our heads together first. preferably before Taben and Ry get home with Allen.

    Allen will love that he has so many people to play with tonight. I just.. hope hell doesn't break loose from having a kid around.

  7. That's the child, right?

    I certainly hope I don't frighten him.

    ~ Fox

    Please. He plays with Slender of all things. Really.

    ~ Branwen

  8. He likes beating up on people in costumes. He's so used to one of Taben's friends playing rough with him while in fursuit. I think he'll be drawn to you due to the mask really. If he's too rough just ask him to stop. He'll prolly be going right up to his room though.

    Maybe we should show off the Slender plushes. We've got like... four floating around

    All... why the fuck are we talking through comments? I'll come downstairs. Get everyone in the gaming room upstairs. We'll sit at the table and chill and talk this all out. I wanna help Frap and Astrid and Joce out if I can manage.

  9. Yes. So I hear. We'll be up then.

    ~ Fox