Monday, March 28, 2011

8- Heaven

Eight is for Heaven...
Micron Pens, Watercolors and Gouache
on Illustration Board
2.5 x 3.5 inches

Heaven. I don't know if it's exactly resting with the Slender Man in the middle of a field. But... well It's better than the alternative. What's the alternative? Hell. You'll see hell tomorrow.

This was done while I felt comfortable with Slendy. I was comfortable, even at ease by him. I guess there was some inkling of an imagination that though, he's benevolent and helpful. he likes us. He's protecting us. No I see why. It all makes fucking sense. So.. yeah. Fuck you Da. I swear upon the roots of Yggdrasil that if you harm any of my friends I WILL find a way to kill you. I don't give a flying fuck if it kills me in the end. At least You'll be fucking dealt with. That goes for you to you crooked tentacled fucking punk! Leave my friends the fuck alone! They're my family! Do NOT TOUCH!

*Ahem* Anyways... I guess I should take a moment to explain how I do these challenge pieces. I'm sure inquiring minds wish to know. I get these pre-cut illustration board pieces sold by Strathmore. They're really handy for this project. Taben's the one that turned me on to them as he does a lot of the Artist Trading Cards. These are handy really. They're small and quick to work with and take a multitude of medias to them. Including my favorite, which is Watercolors (As I'm sure you've seen by now). I use Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolors. They're professional grade, mix nicely and have vivid colors that I want.

I first sketch out the characters and background and scene. I then used a tiny tipped micron pen to do light outlining. then i put a layer of  liquid latex masking over the foreground /subjects then do the background, then remove the mask and do the subjects. I work on multiple cards at a time on and off. I am sometimes inspired by happenings here and sometimes just used what i think of that fits or what I'm 'told'. This here card has been done since Last Wednesday I have up to card #16 done (aside from misfortune, I've not gotten anything to use for that one. I'd rather keep it that way thank you.)  and have the next three in progress of sketching. I'm sure things will slow down for me this week as I got back from college Spring break and work my tail off on class work. Nothing says college student like having four papers that are due within the next month. Bleh.

I'm sorry guys. I'm boring the fuck out of you because I'm a fucking artist nerd that loves talking about his Gods be damned art.

So let's discuss another problem, shall we? It's name is Dean. Dean Joseph Clarke to be exact. My brother. He's found my blog. Who ever fucking showed him the blogs and told us about them this weekend is going to get my foot up their ass. I don't give a flying fuck. This has made this all so much harder than you can ever fucking know. I've got a lot to explain to my siblings. Because you know twins. Close knit. I'm sure it's a matter of time before Candice finds her way over here as well.

I can't hide this from them anymore. I shouldn't have in the first place. We've always been close. But I wanted to protect them. The less they spoke to me the less likely for them to get infected, right? Wrong. Still got infected. Can kids in high schools these days only concentrate on the latest Internet memes? Seriously?

So.. yeah. I'm done ranting and raving. Just needed a chance to vent. And now I've got Dear ol' Da tugging at me. I don't know whee he came from, don't really fucking care. I guess it's time to go out and try and learn... something. I'm gonna be cursed to this existence I might as well put it to used. ....I just got smacked in the back of the head... love you too Da.

I'll catch you all later. Stay safe, eyes open all that crap that doesn't help. ....Got smacked again... maybe some of that stuff does... ouch... ok ok... bye....


  1. I'd comment but I need my beauty sleep.

  2. ...but you totally just commented....?

    Guess you dun wanna go to the local Wally world and show me these BeyBlade things you go on about?

  3. Hah! Of course you are. Heh. Meet ya in the living room. We'll feed ourselves while we're out too.... wtih you know good food.