Friday, March 25, 2011

So quiet.

Just got back from another walk at the park. The woods are really soothing. More so than I ever really noticed.

I'm wondering where everyone is. It's completely quiet in the house this evening. I know Ry and Taben are taking Allen to his grandparent's place where he'll be staying the weekend. Brennon called a bit earlier saying that they asked him to work over.

Bran, where are you? It's quiet and lonely. I think ya'll were coming up still... weren't you? Hope you're all okay. Even though I was a pretty big ass yesterday...

I'll make you cookies if you come :3

Or... I could always test.... things.... and come down and visit you.

Hmm. Desicions desicions.

Slendy's not even here. Bother bother bother. Bored Aiden is bored.


  1. If you came and joined us as well I'll give you some. I reused my Slender Cookie cutter and made some sugar cookies.

    I almost feel bad at the idea of eating them now, all things considered.

  2. I'll stop by in a few, I think I'll be able to find you.

  3. Wait.. what? Seriously? Aiden I thought you meant Bran?! What the... oh boy... this weekend's going to be interesting....